Schools and agencies need a plethora of resources to support students with blindness and visual impairment. Click on the conference or workshop to learn more and to register.



Educational Resources For Individuals Working With Blind & Visually Impaired Children

Whether you are a dedicated parent, a passionate educator, a concerned healthcare professional, or an advocate for inclusive education, this comprehensive guide aims to illuminate the pathways that lead to a brighter future for these remarkable young individuals. Join us as we uncover a multitude of resources, techniques, and organizations that stand ready to empower blind children and ensure they thrive in their early childhood experiences.

Computer Science Curriculum
From the California School for the Blind’s Assistive Technology team! Dive into web development and computer science through our accessible, self-paced lessons. From HTML basics to game design, our inclusive materials cater to all learners. Our curriculum is enriched by additional resources to adapt CS materials for blind and low vision students. 


Leader Dogs for the Blind offers FREE Orientation and Mobility including room, board and airfare!

Our Orientation and Mobility program is a one-week residential or in-home program. O&M training takes place in a wide variety of environments, such as residential, semi-business, business, city and rural settings. The majority of instruction takes place outdoors with the remainder focusing on how to navigate indoor environments including elevators, escalators and moving sidewalks. Leader Dog’s orientation and mobility program meets clients at their skill level and focuses on their individual goals.

We have O&M program openings. If you or someone you know could benefit from orientation and mobility services, apply now!

Please send any questions to Leslie Hoskins at

Free TSVI/TVI Recruiting Tool

In late 2022 the Lavelle Fund for the Blind made a generous grant to Success Beyond Sight to focus on recruiting new applicants for university Teachers of Students with Visual Impairment (TSVI/TVI) personnel prep programs so that every child who is blind or has low vision will receive high quality services that will enable them to reach their maximum potential in education and life. 

The grant has funded a “Become a TSVI/TVI” landing page and from there a link to all of the university preparation programs.  This page will go live by the beginning of September with high impact professional messaging founded on research and focus groups.

 Additionally, in order to demonstrate the strong demand for TSVI/TVI to those potentially interested in a TSVI/TVI career and to facilitate the hiring process for Departments of Education, the grant funded the development of a Job Posting Board on the Success Beyond Sight website where applicants for TSVI/TVI jobs can sort the job opportunities by state at  

The job posting is FREE and the process is EASY.  The job posting board is live NOW.


Tech Grants for COSB Members

The Inspiration Foundation in partnership with VisionServe Alliance has created a fund to assist VSA member organizations to purchase assistive technology equipment for classrooms. The Inspiration Foundation’s Board believes strongly that successful job placement and retention depends on strong technology skills, and that independent living skills are augmented by technology. They also recognize how difficult it is for smaller nonprofit organizations to keep their technology class rooms up to date.

Because COSB is a VSA partner, any COSB member can apply for the grant. Send applications to


Reader’s Digest Partners for Sight Foundation Grant
Reader’s Digest Partners for Sight Foundation is committed to providing support that directly improves the lives of blind and visually-impaired individuals, helping them realize their full potential in society.  To this end, we would like you to be aware of our grant-making initiatives.  If your organization is working to help blind and visually impaired individuals realize their maximum potential, we can help you make a difference.

Grants are generally made for program start-up or improvement, but in some cases, general operating support is provided. Actual grant amounts, if approved, will vary according to the need and scope of the recipients’ requests. Although exceptions are made, first-time grant recipients generally receive $5,000 to $25,000


Access Academy

Access Academy (formerly #AtHomeWithAPH) is your one-stop resource for the meaningful education and training webinars you need to get the most out of APH products and services. From tutorials on new products and hacks on how to get the most from your beloved tech, to information on resources, services, and programs – our goal is to give you the info you need for home, the classroom, and the workplace.


Free course on beginning braille
offered by the California School for the Blind

Beginning Braille is a 6 part webinar series for parents, caregivers, and paraprofessionals. Participants will learn alphabetic braille, numbers, basic punctuation, alphabetic word signs, and some of the most common short form words and initial letter contractions. Each lesson includes a description, examples, and independent practices with answers. 

Project INSPIRE is a 5 year training grant to support braille literacy for professionals and students to build their skills and knowledge in the braille codes for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) courses.
Through this grant, you can take two free courses:
  • Introduction to Nemeth Code Symbols and Instruction for Grades 2-5 
  • Nemeth Code Symbols for Fractions and Spatial Problems, Instructional Tools, Materials, and Technology
Take advantage of this opportunity to further develop your professional toolkit.




Looking for professional development and educational opportunities? Envision University is an approved and registered provider of a variety of continuing education offerings. No matter where you are or what you want to learn, you can take advantage of their array of continuing education options through online courses, live events, publications, and more. Visit the Online Course Information page.