COSB is an organization whose membership includes schools and agencies that serve students who are blind and visually impaired. We gather annually at the COSB Leadership Institute, where exciting and thought-provoking discussions lead to planning and implementation of major innovations in the design and delivery of promising management and educational practices. COSB members are right there at the source as colleagues and invited guests explore the mission and operation of the modern-day school and services for the blind from a wide range of perspectives including legal, advocacy, curriculum, and a variety of leadership-enhancing topics.

Membership fee includes:

  • Invitation to the exclusive COSB Leadership Institute
  • Subscription to the publication Howe’s Now
  • Access to lobbying expertise to help you with political advocacy
  • Regional and national networking sessions with other COSB members
  • Opportunities to showcase your organization on the COSB website
  • Access to post job vacancies in the COSB careers portal

The cost is $1000 annually.


The most valuable benefit of COSB membership is belonging to a professional learning community comprised of some of the field’s finest leaders. On all of the important issues critical to serving blind and visually impaired youth, school management, program curriculum and instruction, and to advocacy for all individuals with blindness and visual impairments, COSB membership gives you direct access to a network of youth program professionals and school administrators who have a record of exemplary practice and are eager to share their expertise.

COSB members, through the COSB Board of Directors, recommend the topics and activities for the annual COSB Leadership Institute held each October in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the American Printing House for the Blind in Louisville, Kentucky. Many of the best and the brightest from throughout the field of Blindness and Visual Impairments, as well as from government, advocacy, legal and other related areas, are invited to the Leadership Conference to help guide and inform the membership on many of the most complex issues of the day, and to seek opportunities for collaboration.

COSB members receive the excellent publication, Howe’s Now, featuring the many exemplary programs at COSB schools and agencies. It is also a forum for some of the best writers in the field to discuss a wide range of challenges and opportunities that face all of us who are committed to the success of students with visual impairments and blindness.

How to join

To join COSB, contact either of the following people:

Joy Harris
Executive Director

Nancy Niebrugge

Current COSB Members

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