Join Us for a Very Special Leadership Institute Pre-Conference Session

1- 5 p.m., October 8, 2019; Hyatt Regency, Louisville, KY

Cost: $20 per person

From Robotics to MakerSpaces:

How to Host a Half-Day Adaptive STEM Workshop 

Using COSB’s New Step-by-Step, Free, Online ‘Exploration Day’ Modules 

Special Guest Speaker:  Janette Barrios, Accessibility Marketing and Community Manager, Apple, Inc.

Presenters: Nancy Niebrugge, COSB Project Leader, Non-Profit Consultant; Sue O’Brien, M.Ed., Braille Transcriber and Adapted Materials Coordinator and Training Specialist, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired; and Belinda Rosas, Teacher of the Visually Impaired, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Children in a class exploring how to program a robot

The jobs of the future will demand our kids master technology skills. You and your staff can get ahead of the curve by learning how to apply this program to easily introduce your b/vi students to robotics, coding using Apple’s Accessible Swift Playgroud app, electronics and maker-space projects.

Using COSB’s new Exploration Day online curriculum and planning kit, we’ll take you through a hands-on coding experience, then demonstrate how to structure an afternoon of activities for various ages and abilities by applying the step-by-step curriculum.


    • Learn program goals and objectives for a Makerspace curriculum, including future modules now in the planning stages
    • Hear Janette Barrios discusses Apple’s accessibility options as she lead a hands-on coding activity
    • TSBVI instructors Sue O’Brien and Belinda Rosas will introduce their curriculum design for their middle/high school coding/robotic module, “You Take Command”
    • Superintendents Jon Harding and Serena Preston will talk about their experience doing a test run at their schools
    • Group discussion on ways to include outreach staff
    • Follow up on future training webinars for TVIs and Outreach instructors
Then join us for our No Host Pre-con Happy Hour and Meet and Greet in the hotel lobby bar from 5pm – 7pm

Logo for 'InfyMaker' Contest by InfoSys Foundation, an image of robotic and traditional tools surrounding text

This exclusive series of instructional modules has been designed by experts in our field and is being made possible through a generous grant from the InfySys Foundation, USA.